Officers 2016 - 2017

President: Quinn Duffy


"I am a Junior in Civil Engineering here at Florida Tech, but the rest of my time is spent outdoors where I fish, hunt, ride around in Jeeps and just generally participate in shenanigans." 


Vice President: Maria Felicita


"Mi nombre es María y me gusta la mirada fija en la distancia"


Treasurer: Krysti Patrick


"My name is Krysti Patrick and I'm a Civil Engineering junior and in my spare time I like to cook"



Secretary: Lara Eremita


"I am junior in civil engineering here at Florida Tech, where I play flute in the Pep Band and help organize Engineer's Week. You can usually find me obsessing over a novel or laughing about something, which is definitely by favorite pastime"


Project Manager: Nick "P" Miller


"I am a Masters Student here at Florida Tech, specializing in Structures. Most of my free time is spent playing smooth jazz and exploring how wind affects residential structures in most of the counties in Florida."


Small Teams Coordinator: Ethan Samberg


"I am a junior in the Construction Management program, and I really really like to run"


Events Coordinator: McKenzie Clark


"I am a Junior in Mechanical engineering, I like crab cakes and soft things"


Conference Coordinator: Victoria Pavsic


"I am a fantasic freshman here at Florida Tech, and I enjoy long walks"


Civic Outreach Coordinator: Elizabeth Buth


"I am a senior here at Florida Tech. I enjoy outdoor adventures, flying and painting in my spare time"


Logistics Coordinator: Derek Ratcliffe


"I am a transfer Senior here in Civil Engineering, going to be the a professional turle trapper"



Concrete Canoe Lead: Malaak Araujo


"I am a sophomore in civil engineering here at Florida Tech, and I solve Rubik's cubes."


Concrete Canoe Project Manager: Spenser Puffenbarger


"I am a Senior here at Florida Tech, in my finals days as a Panther. Most of my spare time is spent at race tracks or at Disney, where I hope to start and finish my career!"


Steel Bridge Lead: Christopher Peterson


"Ask me about my prepardness" 


Steel Bridge Design: Sara Schulte

"I am a senior here at the amazing FIT, working on the final semester of my Civil Engineering degree. I like dogs"