Officers 2016 - 2017

President: Quinn Duffy (sr.)


"I am a senior in Civil Engineering trying to focus in geotechnical engineering and foundation design, in my free time I build 3D printers and go outdoors!" 


Vice President Internal: Lara Eremita (sr.)


"I am senior in civil engineering here at Florida Tech, where I play flute in the Pep Band and help organize Engineer's Week. You can usually find me obsessing over a novel or laughing about something, which is definitely by favorite pastime"


Vice President External: Victoria Pavsic (jr.)


"My name is Krysti Patrick and I'm a Civil Engineering junior and in my spare time I like to cook"



Treasurer: Harsh Patel (Jr.)




Project Manager: Derek Ratcliffe (sr.)


"I am a transfer Senior here in Civil Engineering, going to be the a professional turle trapper"


Small Teams Coordinator: Maria Felicita (sr.)




Conference and Events Coordinator: Krysti Patrick






Civic Outreach Coordinator: Sasha Brookes (sr.)







Concrete Canoe Lead: Malaak Araujo (jr.)


"I am a sophomore in civil engineering here at Florida Tech, and I solve Rubik's cubes."


Concrete Canoe Project Manager: Read Beigel (sr.)




Steel Bridge Lead: Christopher Peterson


"Ask me about my prepardness" 


Steel Bridge Design: